Concussion Awareness & Certification

As of June 9 Alabama passed a law where ALL coaches must now be certified on the Concussion Law and Procedure.   This is mandatory with no exceptions.  This is for the coach’s protection and the clubs protection.  AYSA will be sending out procedures for the future but for now—-All coaches must take a certification course and print out the certification and send to club registrar to keep on file.   This is an online certification that only takes about 30 minutes to complete and they can do it at home, work, restaurant etc.  If  you have a current certification from a school, etc.  you may send a copy of that to your club registrar.

Please go  to  Concussion Awareness & Certification

Please complete the above, print the Certificate in PDF or JPEG and email to your club registrar.

This needs to be done by Thursday Sept.1st 2011- no exceptions, sorry.

Please read The Concussion Procedure and Protocol and keep copies available of the Notification form at all practices and games.

USYSA Concussion Procedure and Protocol

Concussion Notification Form