• Saturday, June 2, 2012 – BEGINS
  • Saturday, June 16, 2012 – ENDS


3:02:03 Tryouts for Division I and Division II

  1. Tryouts for AYSA affiliated member teams may be conducted anytime during the AYSA

designated tryout period. Tryouts being conducted prior to the start of the tryout window are an

illegal recruitment violation for each team conducting an early tryout.

  1. Players must complete an AYSA Division I or Division II Player and Parent Commitment Form

to indicate their decision to play for a specific team.

  1. The period of player commitment is defined as the time from the date the AYSA Division I or

Division II Player and Parent Commitment Form is correctly executed up to the day prior to the

start of the tryout period for the next seasonal year.

  1. Open recruitment can occur during the tryout period.
  2. The AYSA Division I or Division II Player and Parent Commitment Form cannot be executed

prior to the tryout period.

  1. New team formations comprised of players not previously registered and rostered to another

team can occur at any time during the seasonal year.

  1. Tryout Advertise: General tryout advertisement may occur beginning February 1st for the

upcoming tryout period. Tryout advertisement may contain:

(a) Team and or Club Name, age group(s) and association affiliation;

(b) Geographical area served;

(c) Dates, times, and location;

(d) Coach or contact person’s name and phone numbers;

(e) What to bring (i.e. water, ball, shin guards, etc);

(f) Club/Team fact sheet/information;

(g) Coaches’ resumes/bios;

  1. Distribution of tryout advertisement:

(a) Advertisement is defined as but not limited to, any notification of tryouts on television,

radio, and periodical, newspaper articles, notices posted in public places, flyers, mass

mailers, or circulars.

(b) Flyer/mailers can be sent to individual players, but can only have a specific name on the

outside of the envelope. All information in the envelope must conform to the above rules, and may not be addressed to any specific player. Beyond the address envelope, there may be

no personalized information for the receiving player.

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